What happens when I read Katrina vanden Heuvel’s and Stephen F. Cohen’s “Pro-Russian” articles


I have a LOT of activity on my computers.  I’m a Kremlin troll-buster…it goes with the territory.

So I wrote a little geolocation script that tells me who’s logged on.


I was researching Stephen F. Cohen and Katrina vanden Heuvel who, um, may not be exactly what they seem, when I heard my laptop fan whirring again.  So I ran the script and looky-looky…

Russia: Ought to be self-explanatory

Dublin: I suspect this is the Sinn Fein crowd…friends of Gerry Addams and…Putin.  I’ve dealt with these provocateurs in the News comments before

Montreal:  Probably Putin’s and Bernie Sanders’ Quebecois secessionist crazies…the globalresearch.ca and VICE.com crowd

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