A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 4 of 14

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 4 of 14

Jose Barrientos: @th3j35t3r’s Kremliny AF promoter

If you follow “the Jester” on Twitter, you’ve probably stumbled across his sycophantic sidekick, Jose Barrientos.  Jose puts on a great show as Jester’s uber-patriotic, U.S. military-supportin’ accomplice.

But like everything else having to do with the “Jester” myth, it’s a pile of Russian horseshit.

Aside from the fact that the intelligence community has collected enough signals intelligence to send Mr. Barrientos (and his lovely Russian handler wife, Katya) to prison for several lifetimes, Barrientos has had a hard time hiding his true passions.

Here’s Jose’s lovely Russian handler wife, Katya, sharing something with us in Russian, with her handy cookie jar…

But Jose’s not all bad. He’s a (Russian) family man. His (Russian) mother-in-law will even tell you…sometimes on her (Russian) webpage:

Here’s a link to the webpage, renamed for your enjoyment:

Хосе сосет FSB пенис

But I ask you, in all fairness, not to judge the man based on the quality of his tweets. Instead, I hope you’ll see past his inability to tweet coherently after drinking vodka shots, snorting coke etc. (sniffing glue?) with his Border Guard Service buddies in Moscow. Because every legit ex-U.S. military resister of Russian active measures behaves like this, right?…

What do we have here? Isn’t that @RobinBrenizer, a.k.a. “Puppymnkey”…?

This is “Resistance”…???

Yep…just another Kremliny AF phony behind the Jester myth.

Anyway, there’s nothing like celebrating with family and throwing back vodka shots.  Jose Barrientos, the all-American Jester boy…

But at some point, Jose must have sobered up and had second thoughts about posting the video, which he deleted. Fortunately, some bright young woman I’ve heard mention of saved the video, which you can watch here:


Kremliny AF types always entertain me, because they so often turn out to be raging homophobes. You can’t imagine how much fun I’ve had over the years, getting under the skin of Kremlin trolls on social media, needling them about their fear of homosexuals.

Make no mistake, Jose is no exception. Here, Jose praises Russia for removing a monument to Steve Jobs after present Apple CEO Tim Cook, his successor, went public about his homosexuality.

Just exactly what you’d expect from someone “resisting” Russia, right?

Although, honestly, I really wonder if Jose Barrientos is more Russian than American…


And what kind of Geopolitical DUNCE (or Kremliny AF liar) doesn’t understand Russia’s footprint in Turkey?…

Oh Jose….

This thread is fun, because Pepe the Frog comes running to Comrade Jose’s defense. LOLZ…

I’ll be talking a lot more about Comrade Jose Barrientos. But, for now, I’ll let my readers answer Jose’s open-ended question…

24 thoughts on “A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 4 of 14

    1. Oh, hangin’ in there. Just doing my part, you know.

      How are you doing?

      Some REALLY NASTY stuff coming out soon, regarding Pierre Omidyar and Omid Kordestani, Twitter’s Executive Chairman, BTW.

      ; )

  1. Hello Chris,
    Love the work. This entire shit show of an administration and the courage of those to call out them out has changed my life. This sounds like pretentious bullshit. I can assure you it isn’t. I know the real work will start as soon as the top fuckers are in jail and/or never in a position to do anymore damage. That is when I will need to more aware to keep this from happening again. Ok…that sounds kinda pretentious. Anyway, I wanted to leave you a comment and let you know your efforts have made a difference.

    1. Thank you. I’m very grateful to hear I have helped in some way and made a difference.

      I think you’re absolutely right…the REAL work begins once we have leaders in power who WANT to clean things up, rather than this crew who are part of the problem.

      My own analysis of the situation suggests we’ll literally be cleaning up after this mess for the rest of our lives. I believe the scale of Russia’s subversion is literally off the charts.

  2. Hi Chris you are so awesome! We all miss you but I am very happy you are safe and still rocking out for us! Stay just as you are my friend!?

  3. Hi Chris, I follow you on Twitter and miss you. Sucks you can’t be there to welcome the treason news you have worked so hard to expose.

    Thank you and hope you are well.
    Tick Tock

    1. I miss you too!

      Yeah, it really is unfortunate this is how Twitter’s executive management decided to play their hand.

      I guess they don’t yet understand how much I love playing hardball.

      I also know that the Department of Justice isn’t a big fan of human/drug/arms trafficking, money laundering and terror finance.


  4. Hi Chris! Great article as always! Thank you for continuing to shine that light. I sure miss you on Twitter, friend ?

  5. You guys are the best! It’s because of #TeamPatriot that we have hope, see the light, can keep the faith. Thank you all! ?

    1. Thank you!

      Sometimes it’s hard to gauge whether or not we’re making a difference. But when I hear that our work is giving people hope, it strengthens my resolve to keep fighting on.

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