Our Mission

You’ve heard the stories..

Soviet agents infiltrating the United States, slowly consuming the media, higher education and the U.S. government itself. In the stories, the Soviets secretly labor to transform the United States into a Communist dictatorship, one “useful idiot” at a time. You know…the boiling frog analogy. The frog sits in a beaker full of water and is slowly boiled to death without ever realizing it was happening.

Nowadays, such stories are consigned to the trash heap of history…the stuff of paranoid “Bircher” fantasies or, at the very least, discounted as irrelevant–especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The very subject is controversial. After all, it is by definition, conspiratorial. You cannot approach it without expecting moderate skepticism. In some circles, bringing up the topic at all is a great way to immediately lose credibility.

The problem is…

Not only were the Soviets very actively involved in Active Measures; Since about 2008 Russia has been ramping up the scope and scale of their active measures, not only in the United States, but also in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the rest of North America.

In fact, our very understanding of reality has been influenced, shaped and molded by Russian active measures, which have now far exceeded what we witnessed in the 1930s, by the hands of the Comintern.

We’re here to reveal this to a very unsuspecting audience – YOU!