AHEM, Twitter Safety?

AHEM, Twitter Safety?

A new comment on my website…

Link: https://www.russiarevealed.info/the-horseshoe-rears-its-ugly-head-again-let-it-inform-you-not-distract-you/

Funny, this is EXACTLY how I got kicked off Twitter.

These warm seasons greetings came a day late for Christmas.

Link: https://www.russiarevealed.info/d-matthew-stewart-the-guy-linked-with-whitey-bolgers-thriving-network-who-made-my-shitlist-part-one/

3 thoughts on “AHEM, Twitter Safety?

  1. I get the Russian sister-in-law connection and loyalty to her bro, but what motivates that level of shittiness?

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