AHEM, Twitter Safety?

AHEM, Twitter Safety?

A new comment on my website…

Link: https://www.russiarevealed.info/the-horseshoe-rears-its-ugly-head-again-let-it-inform-you-not-distract-you/

Funny, this is EXACTLY how I got kicked off Twitter.

These warm seasons greetings came a day late for Christmas.

Link: https://www.russiarevealed.info/d-matthew-stewart-the-guy-linked-with-whitey-bolgers-thriving-network-who-made-my-shitlist-part-one/

4 thoughts on “AHEM, Twitter Safety?

  1. I get the Russian sister-in-law connection and loyalty to her bro, but what motivates that level of shittiness?

  2. I’m not saying stoop to Robin’s level, but maybe it’s time to let her clients know they have hired someone with severe mental health issues that may directly affect them.

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