#AMDeza and the Left’s Controlled Opposition, by Jay McKenzie (@JamesFourM)

#AMDeza and the Left’s Controlled Opposition, by Jay McKenzie (@JamesFourM)

Before we begin our deep dive, there are a few things you need to understand.

Let’s get right down to it.

Al Gore is not a white hat. He’s not a good actor, despite the media’s frequent gushing over him. Donald Trump is the Russian mob’s man, and he has been for a long time now. However, Al Gore’s ties to Russia go back even further. I expect that seems impossible to many of you, so I’ll present you the most thorough article on this topic, written by Dr. John Schindler.

(Supplemental articles: one, two. Video of Edward Jay Epstein discussing his book on the Gore family’s KGB sponsor, Dossier: The Secret Life of Armand Hammer. It’s available here.)

Al Gore as Vice President.

Maureen Orth wrote in October 2000 for Vanity Fair, “Anatoly Chubais had the run of both the Kremlin and the Clinton White House, where Harvard graduate Vice President Al Gore was the point man on Russian policy.”

Orth’s piece was titled ‘Russia’s Dark Master’, and the central character is then-recently elected Russian President Vladimir Putin. It may seem at first glance that Gore’s mention here is a rather insignificant piece of a complex puzzle, but I would rather describe it as an important piece of an absurdly complex puzzle.

Why do I say this? By the mid to late 1990s (at the latest), Russia could safely be called a ‘Mafia State’, and Gore’s ties to Russia have been largely ignored over the years. Gore’s primary contact, Anatoly Chubais, was—and remains, in 2017—a significant piece of the puzzle that is Russia’s Mafia State. Do we know if the two men’s relationship ever truly ended?

If you can accept the idea that Al Gore is not the good actor most believe him to be, anyone with longstanding ties to him deserves further scrutiny. At the very least, their intentions may not be as pure as most assumed they were.

The more we know about Gore’s associates, the closer we get to understanding what’s happening with the US and Russia in 2017. The problems, quite simply, are not coming only from the right, but could the problems from the left be the work of fake opposition? That’s what we have to find out.

It’s extremely important to understand this part of the puzzle. Though it may not be common knowledge, Qatar and Russia are closely allied. They have been for many years. (Source one, two, three, four, five.)

Gore and Al Jazeera.

In 2013, Al Gore sold his cable channel Current TV to the Qatar-funded Al Jazeera network. Gore received a roughly $100 million profit from the sale. Despite Gore’s statement at the time which gave a ringing endorsement of Al Jazeera, the words did and should ring quite hollow. Why? Qatar’s history was already well documented (1, 2) by the time of Gore’s sale. Since Al Jazeera is a state-owned news agency, there is no distinction to be made here. Gore sold his company to a country built on the back of ongoing, modern-day slave labor.

Gore and Al Jazeera’s general counsel.

Al Jazeera America’s general counsel was David W. Harleston. Before working at Al Jazeera, he was the general counsel for Al Gore’s station which was sold to Al Jazeera, Current TV. What’s odd is that Harleston, on behalf of Al Jazeera, oversaw lawsuits against Al Gore, and it appears he did so while being unlicensed to practice.

What’s interesting is after the sale, first Gore sued Al Jazeera, and then Al Jazeera sued Gore. Now, I can’t say for sure, but fake lawsuits can be a clever way to launder money. We’ve noted this with Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, before. Is this what Gore and Al Jazeera were up to? It’s hard to know for sure, but if they were, having an attorney who worked as general counsel for both sides would be the perfect person to handle such suits.

Gore connections.

Recently, Soledad O’Brien insulted Louise Mensch on Twitter. The criticism by O’Brien seemed unsolicited, so we wondered what her motivation for this may have been. That’s when we started looking, and the reason this article exists in the first place.

It was reported in July, 2013 that Soledad O’Brien joined Al Jazeera America. Sarah Kendzior, who worked as a contributor for Al Jazeera until she resigned in September 2014, is a frequent guest on AM Joy on MSNBC, with Joy-Ann Reid. Joy is friends with Soledad O’Brien, and they were recent featured in a piece together in Cosmopolitan, who also recently did a biography on Sarah Kendzior. Hearst Communications, which owns Soledad O’Brien’s current show, also owns Cosmopolitan.

Joy-Ann Reid got her start in television in Miami at the WSVN 7 morning show in Miami. Joy called it, “literally a career changer for me.” What’s interesting is WSVN is the same station which was given an exclusive interview by longtime-Trump ally Roger Stone.

This is worth bringing up, in part, because Roger Stone’s longtime business partner also has ties to Al Gore. You may recall the firm Black Manafort Stone & Kelly, which worked for dictators and despots over the years. The last name in the group is Democrat Peter G. Kelly, who was a senior adviser to none other than Al Gore. Peter G. Kelly came under scrutiny in 2000 by the State Ethics Commission of Connecticut. According to the New York Times, the investigation resulted in a $1.2 million fine being paid. This was done as “punishment for having paid what the Ethics Commission determined were illegal contingency fees to two Hartford-region consultants who helped the firm gain access to treasury officials starting in 1987.”

Another political operative who worked for Al Gore was Tad Devine. Who else did Tad Devine work for? Paul Manafort and the pro-Kremlin President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

But why does that name sound so familiar recently? Tad Devine was the Senior Strategist for Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president in 2016. Devine first met Sanders back in 1996.

Who was it that showed effusive praise to Bernie Sanders in 2010? None other than Joy-Ann Reid.

It’s interesting how much things can change in a relatively short period of time, but then, so can the political landscape.

Alexandra Chalupa’s surprising connection to Roger Stone.

Alexandra Chalupa, worked in the Clinton administration for Vice President Al Gore as well. Alexandra or ‘Ali’ Chalupa, is a former Republican who began her career working for the GOP Governor of California, Pete Wilson. At the time she worked for Wilson, his campaign manager and lead consultant was a man named George Gorton.

Who’s George Gorton? He’s another political consultant who was caught up in Watergate along with Black Manafort Stone & Kelly partner, Roger Stone. It’s interesting, then, that Ali Chalupa’s actions in Ukraine led to an investigation into whether ‘Clinton colluded with Ukraine.’ An investigation, which in 2017, only serves to aid Donald Trump’s flailing presidency and helps muddy the waters of the Trump Russia investigation. The same investigation which is also still looking into Trump adviser Roger Stone’s contacts with Russia during the campaign.

Stone’s fellow Watergate-accomplice George Gorton also worked on Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 re-election campaign for the Russian Presidency. Who was the campaign manager for Yeltsin in 1996? Anatoly Chubais, the same man who was Al Gore’s contact within the Russian government while Gore was Vice President.

Active Measures in action.

In September of 2017, we learned that Russians purchased Black Lives Matter Facebook ads to inflame racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. While media coverage and Facebook ads don’t cause riots or civil unrest like those that occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore, both could be used to amplify these events after they began. Russia believed negative Facebook ads would lead to more problems in both cities. If they didn’t believe this, they would not have spent money on the ads, but they spent the money because it fed into the divisive propaganda the Kremlin uses.

But what about the media coverage?

Before she was a Trump campaign associate and Trump White House staffer, Omarosa Manigault, was part of Vice President Al Gore’s staff. Omarosa was made famous by her time on Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice. However, in 2015, she chose to go to Baltimore after violent protests broke out after the funeral of Freddie Gray. When she arrived, MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid was there to interview Omarosa.

When Donald Trump made racist comments about the events in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, Omarosa disavowed Trump’s comments.

Additionally, Omarosa later offered solutions to fix the problems in Ferguson, while ignoring the most obvious one—separating herself from Trump entirely. Instead, she later chose to help elect the man who started the racist birther movement. Still, Omarosa took it even a step further than that.

In September 2015, months after the presidential campaign began, Omarosa defended Trump’s character. “There is no malice in Donald Trump’s heart,” Omarosa said. “He’s not a misogynist and he’s not a racist.”

Of course Omarosa was lying. Even Paul Ryan admitted what we all know—Trump is racist. To get at the heart of the problems in this country, we have to look further than this obvious fact. Consider this—if Omarosa could get on live TV and say such bold-faced lies, then can’t we safely assume repairing race relations is not her top priority? If she can defend Trump’s character, campaign with him and then work in his White House, can we not assume she is knowingly and willfully working for a racist?

I believe the answer is yes, which leads us to an obvious question: if Omarosa doesn’t actually prioritize fixing race relations, what was she doing in Baltimore in the first place? Was she paid to be there? Was she pushing an agenda? Who does she answer to, and why was it Joy-Ann Reid who was there to interview her?

The left’s controlled opposition?

I must point out that frequent AM Joy guest Sarah Kendzior helped cover the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Normally, this wouldn’t merit mention. Lots of people covered Ferguson and Baltimore, but I bring it up because of where Kendzior’s coverage was published. Her tweets related to Ferguson were posted on both Sputnik News and RT. These are both Russian government owned and operated news agencies working as propaganda arms of the Kremlin.

I’ll remind you of my initial reason for writing this piece—an unsolicited attack by Joy-Ann Reid’s friend, Soledad O’Brien, on Louise Mensch. This is only one in a long line of attacks on Mensch, which must be considered a constant, ongoing theme. The frequency of these attacks has steadily increased during 2017, and one such attack came from the Kremlin itself. RT recently released a top 10 list of Kremlin critics. Coming in at number 3, after Senator John McCain and NATO, was Louise Mensch.

If what Mensch does is as paranoid and pointless as some would have us believe, then why does she even merit attention by the Kremlin? Why bother to name her at all? Is it not worth considering the fact that’s she a significant threat to their propaganda efforts on social media? I would suggest it’s much more than even that, but I would ask skeptics to start there.

When I saw this tweet back in April of this year, I assumed Joy spoke from a place of ignorance. Now, I wonder if this is instead coming out of fear of being found out. Fear of what else would be uncovered if Louise Mensch and others like myself kept searching for the truth.

Final thoughts.

You’ll remember me mentioning the various links between Black Manafort Stone & Kelly earlier in this article. You’re also likely aware by now that Paul Manafort works for the Kremlin, and Manafort was Putin’s point man on the Trump campaign. It’s worth pointing out, then, that Sarah Kendzior’s father gave multi-million dollar deals to Paul Manafort’s family business, Manafort Brothers construction company. These contracts resulted in an FBI investigation which lasted for six years and resulted in one guilty plea of filing a false tax return and the company agreed to pay a $250,000 fine.

Manafort Brothers has a history of mob ties going back to at least the 1970s. In 2014, Manafort Brothers business practices led them to a $2.4 million fine related to an investigation “into alleged fraud committed by the company in connection with a public works project that commenced in 2007.”

According to Dr. Schindler, Dezinformatsiya (disinformation) or Deza “as it’s called for short, is the original ‘fake news,’ an alluring amalgam of fact and fantasy—much of it unverifiable—designed to confuse readers and shift political discussions.”

When Sarah Kendzior was confronted with even a hint of her father’s history with Paul Manafort, she was quick to employ a classic example of Kremlin deza.

Since we know Paul Manafort’s history with the Kremlin goes back to at least 2001, maybe it’s time we figured out how Sarah learned this technique herself. In the process, we might uncover some uncomfortable but essential understanding of the Kremlin’s controlled opposition coming from the left.

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