Basic Concepts

In order to understand Russian active measures, there are a few basic concepts one needs to understand:

  1. The Russians aren’t Communists any more, they’re Neofascists. The hidden hand in Russia is a man named Aleksandr Dugin, the mastermind behind Russia’s foreign policy and the founder of so-called National Bolshevism. (notice the flag?)
  2. The Russians influence BOTH the political left and the political right. Greece would make a perfect case study, where Russia was involved in influencing both Golden Dawn AND Syriza. (I’ll refer back to this example in subsequent articles, as it’s relevant to Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. elections)
  3. Russia has created a vast, global network of influence by forging alliances with various entities including: political parties, activist groups, media outlets, politicians, journalists, and so on.
  4. Russian active measures/influence operations rely extensively on conspiracy theories and what Stefan Meister and Jana Puglierin brilliantly refer to as “The Selective Deployment of History“.
  5. Ideological bias prevents us from understanding the true depth of the deception, even among those who are pushing back against Russian active measures, such as in the article referenced in #4, where Der Speigel is included among media outlets that “maintained a bulwark against Russian obfuscation”. Au contraire. More on that, in subsequent articles.
  6. Russia both lies to us and tells us the truth, simultaneously. The Captain of this crazy ship/charade is Vladislav Surkov. Here’s a flawless explanation of Surkov’s use of “nonlinear warfare”, BY AN APPARENT KREMLIN TROLL!
  7. Russian influence in the media, etc., can be identified and tracked via the narrative arc of the message. In fact, that’s the most effective method for identifying the bad seeds. Some are obvious, others are much more subtle. But, either way, the culprits hide right under our noses.
  8. Not only do the Russians influence media venues to subtly influence our thinking, they use their influenced media to actually tell us what they’re doing. (RUSSIA AND ISIS…???!!!! Wait and see…) With regard to Russian media influence, the recipe is a combination of projection and plausible deniability.

Stay tuned for more…