LOL…Yeah, I’d be drinking too, Comrade.

LOL…Yeah, I’d be drinking too, Comrade.

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 4 of 14

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 4 of 14

Jose Barrientos: @th3j35t3r’s Kremliny AF promoter

If you follow “the Jester” on Twitter, you’ve probably stumbled across his sycophantic sidekick, Jose Barrientos.  Jose puts on a great show as Jester’s uber-patriotic, U.S. military-supportin’ accomplice.

But like everything else having to do with the “Jester” myth, it’s a pile of Russian horseshit.

Aside from the fact that the intelligence community has collected enough signals intelligence to send Mr. Barrientos (and his lovely Russian handler wife, Katya) to prison for several lifetimes, Barrientos has had a hard time hiding his true passions.

Here’s Jose’s lovely Russian handler wife, Katya, sharing something with us in Russian, with her handy cookie jar…

But Jose’s not all bad. He’s a (Russian) family man. His (Russian) mother-in-law will even tell you…sometimes on her (Russian) webpage:

Here’s a link to the webpage, renamed for your enjoyment:

Хосе сосет FSB пенис

But I ask you, in all fairness, not to judge the man based on the quality of his tweets. Instead, I hope you’ll see past his inability to tweet coherently after drinking vodka shots, snorting coke etc. (sniffing glue?) with his Border Guard Service buddies in Moscow. Because every legit ex-U.S. military resister of Russian active measures behaves like this, right?…

What do we have here? Isn’t that @RobinBrenizer, a.k.a. “Puppymnkey”…?

This is “Resistance”…???

Yep…just another Kremliny AF phony behind the Jester myth.

Anyway, there’s nothing like celebrating with family and throwing back vodka shots.  Jose Barrientos, the all-American Jester boy…

But at some point, Jose must have sobered up and had second thoughts about posting the video, which he deleted. Fortunately, some bright young woman I’ve heard mention of saved the video, which you can watch here:

Kremliny AF types always entertain me, because they so often turn out to be raging homophobes. You can’t imagine how much fun I’ve had over the years, getting under the skin of Kremlin trolls on social media, needling them about their fear of homosexuals.

Make no mistake, Jose is no exception. Here, Jose praises Russia for removing a monument to Steve Jobs after present Apple CEO Tim Cook, his successor, went public about his homosexuality.

Just exactly what you’d expect from someone “resisting” Russia, right?

Although, honestly, I really wonder if Jose Barrientos is more Russian than American…


And what kind of Geopolitical DUNCE (or Kremliny AF liar) doesn’t understand Russia’s footprint in Turkey?…

Oh Jose….

This thread is fun, because Pepe the Frog comes running to Comrade Jose’s defense. LOLZ…

I’ll be talking a lot more about Comrade Jose Barrientos. But, for now, I’ll let my readers answer Jose’s open-ended question…

The Intelligence Community is Offering Up its Biggest Secrets, But We’re Not Listening.

The Intelligence Community is Offering Up its Biggest Secrets, But We’re Not Listening.

Let me warn you right now…

You’re not going to like this article, because it’s going to rudely shatter your understanding of reality, and I apologize for that. But no matter how much you dislike what I have to tell you, I will still be right.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely noticed the two latest, high profile intelligence dumps:

  1. The third round of OBL files and,
  2. The JFK assassination files

OK, so I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because our enemies have so distorted reality over so many decades that we’re no longer able to interpret what’s in front of our faces.

For that reason, I’m going to dump secrets, just like that, and let the investigative journalists out there, as few as there seem to be these days, track down the additional information in the caches to support what I’m telling you, aside from what I already provide here. I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now, in all truth. So someone else can run with the ball here.


  1. Osama Bin Laden was, for all practical purposes, an asset of the Russian intelligence services
  2. Qatar is a Kremlin puppet state
  3. The U.S.S.R. and their puppet, Cuba, were ultimately responsible for the assassinations of JFK and MLK, Jr.
  4. In retaliation for the murder of JFK, the CIA developed a number of plans to assassinate Fidel Castro, none of which they succeeded in carrying out
  5. Cuban intelligence, known for short as DGI, is the primary culprit (along with the Russian intelligence services) behind the continued existence of BOTH neo-Confederacy and the “Dixie mafia” and extreme Left-wing Identity politics. See my previous articles here and here, in order to understand gamed Horseshoe theory.
  6. The Russian intelligence services have been involved in terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism, since day one. At some point, I’ll publish an article about the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as what I’ve already published about the Orlando shootings. Yes, you dropped the ball on Nichols, FBI. No offense. I still love you guys. And, for the record, this EXCELLENT article hints at both Terry Nichols/Abu Sayyef AND Cuba’s DGI:

The lesson, as always, is this:


The latest OBL intelligence dump is literally building on what was in the first two OBL dumps, which revealed the hand of the Russian Intelligence Services, for anyone who has a basic understanding of Middle East Geopolitics. Among other things, the latest dump provides direct evidence of Qatar’s Emir’s involvement with OBL. If you do a little more digging into Qatar, you’ll see they’ve been involved in global organized crime since at least 1993.

Anyway, the other day a friend of mine, who I deeply respect (brilliant individual, absolutely brilliant), brought up Derek Black. It occurred to me that Black presents a *perfect* opportunity to explain a little about Cuban intelligence and their relationship with active measures–specifically as a key actor behind both neo-Confederacy and far left identity politics. For good measure, I will explain Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination for better clarity.

Derek Black is the son of white supremacist Don Black, who is also the founder of white nationalist website He’s also the former co-host of the “Don and Derek Black Show”, which he co-hosted with his father.  He’s become known over recent years as an outspoken voice *AGAINST* white nationalism, having supposedly disavowed himself from white nationalism.

You may recall that Derek won a seat some years back, on the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, among a mostly Cuban constituency. Derek was living at home with his parents at the time.

So now, all grown up and no longer peddling white nationalism, he now peddles far left identity politics, as announced by such Kremliny AF publications as Alexander Lebedev’s The Independent and published in equally Kremliny AF publications such as David Talbot’s Salon (more on Talbot here).

Out of frustration, let me yell right now…


Incidentally, you will note that Black’s mother worked for Pepe Fanjul, the Cuban ex-national and sugar oligarch of Florida Crystals fame, for 35 years.

In case you weren’t aware, Havana is controlled by Miami and has been for quite some time now–Russian and Cuban expatriate oligarchs and organized crime. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the history of White, Black and, um, Japanese Nationalism.

In ‘War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War,’ (New York: Pantheon 1I986), pp.174-175), John W. Dower explains how the Black Dragon Society (also known as the kokuryūkai or Amur River Society) seeded the Nation of Islam, as well as the All Russia Fascist Party. Yes, we’re talking about the Yakuza, which is another rather lengthy conversation about Russia and Trump’s buddy, Shinzō Abe. There are pages and pages and pages of history that need to be re-explained, in order for the world to understand the scale and scope of all of this.

Anyway, some may still recall Elijah Mohammed’s arrest, which was a part of the same series of arrests carried out by US prosecutor Thomas Dodd (Christopher Dodd’s dad) against leadership of the Connecticut-based All Russian Fascist Party.

One of the teenage members of the All Russian Fascist Party (which by the way had a Russian Fascist bible school in HARLEM, from 1936-1939), was none other than the future founder of the Aryan Nations, Robert Miles.

Head spinning yet? Hold on, I’m not done yet.

You may or may not recall that Louis Farrakhan, lover of Jewish conspiracy theories (à la The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) and present leader of The Nation of Islam, actually endorsed Donald Trump–something Alex Jones took the opportunity to exploit, WHEN HE INTERVIEWED HIM.

The model has always been the same, and it didn’t begin just prior to the 2016 elections.  Play the far right and far left against each other…while both sides serve the same cause.

If you look at the recently declassified JFK files, you’ll find a section on MLK’s assassination and information on neo-Nazis/neo-Confederates in the same documents that cover Black Nationalists.

So, about a year or so ago, I noticed that Soledad O’Brien started following me on Twitter.  At first, I didn’t think too much about it, but reminded myself that I needed to vet her some time.  Of course, like everything else, it slipped through the cracks until I got banned from Twitter.

Sure enough, as soon as I got banned, I caught O’Brien suddenly endorsing and promoting Sarah Kendzior and so I started vetting her.

I noticed that her mother is Cuban. No big deal, just a bullet point of interest, really. But then, a few minutes later I discovered that her production company’s first documentary was on James Earl Ray…portraying him as a Southern redneck White Nationalist.


And that was the moment I knew Soledad O’Brien was a DGI asset.

So there’s a point to these declassified files, that so far everyone is missing.

Castro and the USSR literally murdered JFK and MLK.  That’s why these files also discuss the existence of multiple CIA plans to assassinate Castro.

THEY MURDERED OUR PRESIDENT.  And they also murdered the greatest Black American activist who ever lived.

So, going back to 1968…

MLK and Jesse Jackson are standing on the balcony at the motel.  The phone in the hotel room starts ringing.  Jackson walks back into the hotel room.

BOOM.  James Earl Ray assassinates MLK.

The narrative that DGI and their Kremlin counterpart have always peddled is that Ray was some kind of Southern redneck. The man had actually lived in both Canada and Mexico.  And, like every good white nationalist, had an interest in emigrating to, um, RHODESIA. Yes, you heard me…Cuban DGI enclave Rhodesia.

Rhodesia later became Zimbabwe, as well as ground zero for the blood diamond trade, etc.  And, at the time of this writing, Moscow and Havana are presently presiding over the changing of the guard, for their puppet Robert Mugabe.

But there’s another side of this that you must understand…

DGI are the ***MASTERS*** of the corporate shakedown.

The idea is to exploit or create some racial issue at a corporation. Maybe it’s an African American who didn’t get a promotion.  Or maybe it’s something else.  Some cases may even be legitimate.

The point is, you go after a big company with deep pockets, with allegations of wrongdoing and you shake them down. In the end, the company settles out of court and dump piles of cash into your charities.


Didn’t you ever wonder why Jesse is such a big fan of Castro?

So let’s look at the The National Council of La Raza, since it’s the same thing. This is something I used to point out to the Kremlin trolls on Disqus, and it pissed them off to no end.

Created in 1968, at the height of the Cold War and the same year MLK was assassinated, La Raza is purportedly a Marxist-Leninist organization, by their own definition.

Their stated goal is to see 1/3 of the Continental US ceded to Mexico.

But, in 49 years, guess how many rallies La Raza has held in Mexico…?


In fact, most of their donations come from fortune 500 companies they shake down over Latino rights.

Of course, there are additional, relevant historical footnotes, in order to understand all of this, such as the proposed Golden Circle.

But let’s look at this unique piece of History….George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, attending a Nation of Islam meeting…

Starting to make sense yet? Maybe a little?

How about Huey Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party?  Does anyone recall that he defected to, um, Cuba?

So the question is this…

How does one defect to Cuba without DGI’s approval?

And, the game goes on and on and on and on

OK. Enough of this. Hope it helped. I’ll add more to this discussion when I have more time. Got Jesters to filet….

Take a Look At Who’s Upset With My Website Today

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 3 of 14

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 3 of 14

Idle threats of defamation lawsuits, and why I welcome legal Discovery…

Jester promoter Jayson E. Street, who has never before been forced to square off with me personally, has waged a pathetic Twitter rebuttal. I’m really so glad we’ve finally met, Jayson.


Am I a mean person? Jayson, my friend just passed away and I am more angry than you could possibly comprehend. This may be a game for you. But it’s a deadly serious battle for the truth for me. So I really don’t give a flying f*ck if your feelings were hurt.

Was your rebuttal attention seeking? Did someone suggest you do this? Or is it just a very public form of self-loathing?

In the end, who the f*ck cares?

So here are the echoes of a guilty conscience:

I’ll even include your copyright, since this is ALL YOU, baby…

But you see, Jayson E. Street, you are no longer controlling this game. When it is your time, I will let you know. And, as you know all too well, a good cat must thoroughly play with its mouse before devouring it.

And don’t you worry your little self. We’ll be talking about THESE too…

So sit down and take the truth like a big boy, pajamas or not, and lawyer the f*ck up…

Geez…there’s SO MUCH to cover this week. I may need to extend this project another week…

A Quick Note to Jack Dorsey

A Quick Note to Jack Dorsey

Permabanning me from Twitter is now starting to sting, isn’t it Jack?

I want you to know that all the right people have been informed about how Twitter is deceiving both the general public and the Senate Intelligence Committee. And, yes…I hold you personally responsible for the death of my friend.

But I know you’re in no hurry to reinstate my account, having been permabanned for little more than calling out traitors.

Finally, I DON’T WANT YOU to go State’s evidence.

I want you to continue down your present trajectory, which includes a high likelihood of dying in prison, a broken, pitiful man.

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 2 of 14

For anyone who follows my work or has taken an interest in Active Measures, you know that Plagiarism is a “thing”.

It’s a hallmark of the chronically unoriginal and the ethically impaired.

So it takes very little imagination to understand how common Plagiarism is among the Kremliny AF (Kremliny As F*ck). The Russian intelligence services and their Soviet and Okhrana predecessors have changed their methods very little in the past 100 years.

Let’s take a look at the Jester’s Twitter account which, arguably, has generally been built upon other people’s (uncredited) efforts.

So here’s a question:

If Jester dislikes Uber-Patriot Rick Wilson so much, why does he try to pass off Rick Wilson’s work as his own?

Fact is, the people running the Jester account aren’t really all that creative or original. Their success has been predicated on the fact that they’ve been able to fool the general public who, frankly, don’t have the time to research and vet the sources of information they receive.

Here’s another example:

I mean, it’s almost as though this is a consistent pattern or somethin’:

And, like all phonies when they get caught in the act of trying to take credit for someone’s work, there’s always a need to quickly backtrack, obfuscate and project righteous indignation. But, really, this is just #Butthurt in its purest form…

I hope you’re beginning to see the sham for what it is. But, if not, there’s SO MUCH MORE to come.

Keep watching. It’s only going to get more interesting.

LOL. This is Going to Be a Fun Week.

Bring it on Big Guy. We’re just getting started.

Libel has to be fraudulent, by definition.

So go fuck yourself. Oh wait…you already have.

Keep reading, buddy. This is going to be a very bad week for you.

; )

A W33k 0f @th3j35t3r: M33t th3 Plag1ar15t5, L1ar5 and Kr3ml1n Sh1ll5 B3h1nd th3 Myth, Part 1 of 14

The time has finally come to expose America’s favorite imaginary Cyber Patriot, the “Jester”.

You may be familiar with Jester’s many purported exploits, (embellished) military career and supposed disdain for Russia. Over the next week, I will systematically dismantle the Jester phenomenon by pointing out “his” many lies and overt Russian affiliations, as well as demonstrate how nefarious media sources, errant cybersecurity and psyops professionals and an unwitting public boosted “his” credentials and created an influential persona from the aether.

Finally, we’ll explore what’s really going on behind Jester’s Twitter account, who’s running it and how the account undermines the U.S. intelligence community’s efforts to counter Russia.

So, without any further ado, give the person next to you an awkward hug and let’s begin.

First, let’s take a look at Jester’s odd relationship with Mikko Hypponen, a Finish cybersecurity expert who loves industrial espionage connoisseur and alterer of stolen NSA documents, Ed Snowden.

For the record, let’s also take note of the fact that Hypponen is a fanboi of “former” (LOLZ) KGB operative, Eugene Kaspersky. Yeah, Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a Kremlin tool. What? You thought the NSA was spying on U.S. citizens, and not actually spying on Russia spying on U.S. citizens? SHAME ON YOU.

Aside from also assisting the Kremliny AF Twitter with their cybersecurity (please see previous articles, concerning the topic of Twitter’s “Kremliness”), Hyponnen has been one of Jester’s biggest endorsers, promoting the myth that Jester, and his incomparable skills (cough) hacked Wikileaks. Yup, even CNN bought into it.

In fact, Jester has claimed that his software program, Xerxes (named after the Persian God-King. You know, as in IRAN), DDOSed Wikileaks into oblivion. Xerxes is aptly described here as “pyloris with a GUI”, certainly lacking the kick to take down Wikileaks’ servers. No, that’s the kind of power that Jester could have only gotten from the Russian intelligence services. Jester claimed he slammed Wikileaks with a DDOS that hit them at 10gbps. Sorry. ACTUAL hackers aren’t buyin’ it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jester has made these kinds of claims.

There’s of course Jester’s tool “Saladin” (and don’t even get me started on the historical implications of naming a hacker tool after a Kurdish folk hero from Armenia, honored even today, in Syria), a tool which he claimed could take down a website indefinitely.  But, alas, this too was a sham.  A hacker going by the name “SanguineRose” systematically dismantled this claim, by demonstrating that all of the websites Jester claimed to have brought down with Saladin all had expired domains.

You may have noticed that Jester often deletes his Tweets. Yeah, SanguineRose noticed that too…

On 5/12/12, SanguineRose made a blog entry on ReaperSecs blog, in which he detailed how almost all of the sites jester had claimed to use saladin againsthad expired domain registrations. Jester put up a placeholder blog entry, in which he promised a detailed explanation of what saladin was and what it does. By the next day, the blog entry had been deleted, as had all tweets that referred to it.”

But, like any good scam, the phonies must be promoted, as cybersecurity consultant Jason E. Street did here:

We’ll talk plenty about Mr. Street and his cybersecurity travels to, um, Russia in subsequent articles.

As you will begin to see throughout the coming week, over and over and OVER again, Jester is not only a phony, he’s a dangerous phony who has been serving the interests of the Russian intelligence services.

*** BIG *** Motherfuckin’ Article Coming

*** BIG *** Motherfuckin’ Article Coming

Yeah, you heard me.

Better put on your seatbelt.

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