ICYMI: Trump’s longtime business partner, Felix Sater, has longstanding ties to Russia’s “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich.

Here’s the deal. It’s been three days since Dianne Feinstein released Glenn Simpson’s testimony to the public. Three days since the media and the public were made aware of this information yet again.

The testimony (seen above) made it clear that President Donald Trump’s longtime business partner, Felix Sater, is closely tied to the most powerful mobster in the world, Semyon Mogilevich. Plenty of intelligence experts take issue with the Dossier, Fusion GPS and their explosive claims. I have my own reservations about plenty of Simpson’s testimony and the Dossier itself. We should be cautious and take nothing at face value. However, there are two things I’d like to point out.

  1. This is not the first time Felix Sater has been linked to Semion Mogilevich. Felix’s dad was a boss in Uzbekistan for the Mogilevich Organization. This is known.
  2. The media LOVES to talk about the Dossier. They love to talk about the provokatsiya known as the “pee-pee” tapes. There was, as you would expect, plenty of hype surrounding the unexpected release of Glenn Simpson’s testimony. It got lots of short-lived coverage Yet, still, has the MSM mentioned Semion Mogilevich’s direct connection to Donald Trump yet?

No. So, why the hell not?

The media has gotten close. The Daily Beast reported on Paul Manafort’s money laundering ties to a man named Ivan Fursin, who is one step removed from Semion Mogilevich. There have also been reports of Paul Manafort’s ties to Ivan Fursin’s business partner, Dmitry Firtash, and a failed hotel deal they worked on together with Fred Trump’s (yes, Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s dad) money man, Brad Zackson.

Dmitry Firtash, a billionaire Kremlin-friendly oligarch, has admitted he only managed to be in business in the first place because Semion Mogilevich allowed him to be.

Yet, still, we wait for the media to say Semion Mogilevich’s name.

You may recall that, in addition to being Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort lived in Trump Tower. Manafort’s longstanding business ties to Donald Trump are extensively covered here.

Yet, still, we wait for the media to catch up to, potentially, one of the biggest stories ever told: Donald Trump, our president, is a longtime money-launderer who remains beholden to the Russian mob’s “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich.

Maybe too many in the MSM are compromised. Maybe too many in the MSM aren’t really workings as journalists in the first place. However you slice it, something is very wrong with this picture, isn’t it? How is this the state of journalism right now?

Remember, Paul Manafort tried to publish a positive op-ed recently, with a Russian intelligence officer, no less.

Felix Sater has paid for puff pieces about himself. Sater has also been caught trying to pay for hit pieces to be written about his enemies.

These men play by their own rules. The Russian mob’s rules, to be exact.

Felix Sater was Donald Trump’s business partner by 2003, at the very latest.

When Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump visited Moscow in 2006, who went with them? Felix Sater did, and Sater even says he arranged for Ivanka to sit on Vladimir Putin’s chair in his office in the Kremlin. Notably, Ivanka Trump does not deny Sater’s claim.

When Donald Trump tried to reach an agreement to build Trump Tower Moscow during the presidential campaign, Felix Sater was the man Trump trusted to get the deal done.

When Donald Trump and his campaign had an invite-only election night party, who was in attendance? Felix Sater was, of course!

In January of 2017, when the Trump administration tried to setup a “Ukraine peace plan” on terms favorable to the Kremlin, Felix Sater was one of the men they turned to.

Felix Sater’s relationship with Semion Mogelivich never ended. Neither did Felix Sater’s relationship with Donald Trump.

Keep saying his name, even if the media won’t do it themselves.

We can’t afford not to, because the Russian mob wants it all.

You can visit citjourno.org for more information on everything I’ve discussed.

One way or another, this story isn’t going away. We’ll make sure of that.

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  1. Can you expand more on the accuracy of the dossier? When I read it I thought it was all true, and Simpson was a real patriot. Not so, I wonder. Thx Mary C

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