Naveed Jamali: MSNBC’s Kremlin Kash Kow

Naveed Jamali: MSNBC’s Kremlin Kash Kow

By @kittenninja42 and Chris Nethery

If you watch MSNBC, you might be familiar with Naveed Jamali.

He can sometimes be seen on MSNBC, represented as an intelligence “expert”, although he’s
never actually ever had an actual full-time position working in Intelligence. He can also sometimes be seen on Joy Reid’s television show, “AM Joy”, as either a fill-in host or panelist.  He is also the author of the book, “How To Catch A Russian Spy: The True Story [sic] of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent”, which lays out a tale of his supposed exploits as a “double agent”.  Jamali’s book has been great for his career. It has also earned him fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, it’s some of the finest fiction in print.

After years of deception, it’s time to set the record straight. So
let’s take a look at the REAL Naveed Jamali, who wasn’t even important enough to the Kremlin to waste limited resources on.

Jamali, the son of French and Pakistani emigres, approached the FBI shortly after 9/11. His parents owned a bookstore in Dobbs Ferry, New York which was frequented by Russian and, before that, Soviet intelligence personnel.

As the story goes, Jamali’s parents were informants for the FBI, and
Jamali wanted to take over in his parent’s shoes.

So let’s break this down…


The GRU had been purchasing materials from Naveed’s parents’ bookstore
for 20 years, before Jamali approached the FBI. Russia’s
Riverdale complex was Russia’s main listening station in NYC. Dobbs
Ferry was well within the Riverdale complex’ surveillance
range. They had the ability to ascertain the location of FBI’s cars,
coming and going from the bookstore. It’s totally absurd
to believe that the Rezidentura wasn’t 100% aware that an FBI
operation was under way.

The Russians are well known for their honeytraps. It’s one of the
tools in the Kremlin tool chest you can almost always
reliably expect. They’re also generally pretty expensive to arrange
and require elaborate planning.

But Jamali was never honey-trapped.

Pretty simple reason why, in fact. Russian intelligence was playing
“Cloak and Dagger” on a pseudo operation. Had Russian
intelligence been running a real operation, they would have had a much
larger expense account, not to mention that it would be excruciatingly difficult to find a woman who’d be willing to do that on
behalf of Russia, but I digress.

Naveed Jamali has more value to the Kremlin as a pundit on MSNBC than
he ever did as a “double agent”. The Kremlin never
encouraged him to defect. They never attempted to set up an
information technology company or “Beltway Bandit” defense
contracting company with him because, frankly, they recognized he’s
just not as bright as Pierre Omidyar or Erik Prince.

Furthermore, the Kremlin never tried to fly him out of the country to,
say, Austria or Switzerland, Mexico or Canada, for a
drop or an interview. After all, this is how the Kremlin’s marginally
more important assets are recruited, such as Ames, who
was invited to Columbia. Or, in the case of Snowden, an invite to an
“Ethical Hacking” conference in India.

What the Kremlin DID do was try to turn Jamali in an asymmetric fashion.


The Kremlin wanted to waste the FBI’s time, money and manpower. And
there’s a REALLY good reason the Kremlin wanted to do this.
Operation Ghost Stories was taking place at the very same time. Russia
really only cared about running Jamali as classic
Kremlin distraction from the main operation, and to protect their high
value spies.


Real US intelligence personnel would never tattoo their code name on their arm in morse code and flaunt it on Facebook for all to see. Facebook is called FSBook in Russia for a good reason; Russian Intelligence Services collect kompromat on its own citizens from their Facebook posts. Russia will always avail itself of public information for its own purposes. Yet Naveed did tattoo his name and post it on Facebook.

An ACTUAL U.S. agent would NEVER do that, knowing the risks that he’d be taking.

But why did Naveed do this? Perhaps because he wasn’t a trained agent. In fact he had no training whatsoever, as he recalled in this interview.

He had zero training; Jamali was what is known as a civilian “dangle”, and he was incompetent even at that level.

In his book, Jamali actually wrote about an incident when he allowed GRU to access CLASSIFIED intelligence on a computer, off a jumpdrive.  Here it is, as retold in the New York Post:

Mere incompetence?

Well consider Jamali’s involvement with Michael Flynn’s intelligence group which, incidentally, a fact that was advertised on the group’s website.  Flynn, of course, is currently under investigation for his own treasonous activities, but Naveed blocks anyone who mentions his association with Flynn.

Naveed has often associated himself with some of Twitter’s most noteworthy Kremlin trolls. Take, for example, his association and his defense of one of the Kremlin’s finest, Liberty Lynx. And just in case you’re unfamiliar with her…

The following exchange denotes Jamali’s ongoing efforts to attack the reputations of ACTUAL Russia experts, such as Dr. John Schindler. In fact, the frequency of Jamali’s attacks on the likes of Dr. Schindler begs the question…Is he DIRECTED to do so?

Jamali hasn’t been shy about cavorting with other individuals who’ve already been exposed for their associations with known Russian intelligence personnel, such Ariana Gic Perry, who’s been exposed, repeatedly, by @KremlinTrolls:

Finally, it’s now public record that Naveed Jamali leaked information to Louise Mensch, which he did on behalf of Oleg Deripaska in order to give the heads up to a third party. That’s a common RIS tactic, as is feeding misinformation to a journalist in order to later discredit him/her.

As mentioned before, Jamali isn’t really all that bright, which is why the Kremlin has always treated him as expendable:

In short, Naveed Jamali was initially an untrained, incompetent, civilian dangle who called himself a double agent, who Russia never really took very seriously. As a small fish, he showed little interest in performing his job with either maturity or integrity.

He openly gave RIS access to his code name and later, instead of protecting information as he should, he literally gave Russian intelligence access to classified materials downloaded from DARPA.

He became involved with Flynn Intelligence Group, whose leadership is presently under FBI investigation for their role in the election of Trump, as well as Flynn’s contact with Putin and Putin’s agents.

He’s associated himself with numerous Kremlin agents of influence on Twitter and has often defended them while discrediting patriotic Americans who’ve toiled, tirelessly, to expose the links between Trump and Russia.

He’s even leaked information on behalf of Oleg Deripaska, for the sole purpose of warning associates of the Russian state.

Naveed Jamali appears to be giving us all the signs anyone should require, in order to make an informed decision about who he is, and who and what he represents.

9 thoughts on “Naveed Jamali: MSNBC’s Kremlin Kash Kow

  1. Yes it seems like he is definitely an “useful idiot ” and lacks any integrity. When he is on the Joy Reid show, he often lacks any useful insight into the current issue, and lately he has been talking like Russia’s agent..I know Joy Reid is disappointed that she got taken by Jamali. Quite frankly, when he is on, I stop watching or pause it until he is done.. Just own it Ms. Reid, and give us people that have integrity, and not just an author of fiction like the dude on TRUE LIES who used fake spy stories to get the girls…Give us people like Clint Watts who can converse intelligently to current issues of Russia and inform us of the the latest stats from his awesome website that tracks Twitter ‘s Russian bots .He has a level of intelligence to inform us about what these bots are trying to do next. or how they want to guide the news cycle in favor of their interest. BC of him, we know the Truth about Russia ‘s continued deception. TRUTH is power, and when it’s all said and done, TRUTH will always remain..Thanks for the TRUTH about another useful idiot.. Next Malcolm Nance please..What is his deal because he just repeats himself and offers no real revelation about current events as it relates to intel on Russia..

  2. How far is Moshulu Ave. from Riverdale Station?

    How far is Jamali’s bookstore from Dobbs Ferry Station?

    What’s the travel time on the Hudson Line?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. The thing is, John Schindler runs all this cyber warfare (dummy twitter accounts, attack sites) but he doesn’t think about, maybe, changing his dialect, or terminology, or even the tone of his writing!

    I can only assume he worked in the 3 stooges department of the NSA

  4. What I mean is, all of this is either, directly ripped from Schindler/Mensch articles, or directly from their twitter feeds. So they’re obviously involved.

  5. Naveed exposed himself.
    You will not find another spy on this planet who has his/her spy name tattooed in plain sight. They’ve spent their lives hiding and protecting that name, and must continue to do so for infinity (possible revenge/ retaliation). If that isn’t true, the CIA Memorial Wall would have NAMES.

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt though. We’ve all made snap, rash, moronic decisions at one time or another, right?
    Wrong. Not if you’re a trained spy…especially a double-agent (Russians to boot). That’d take multiple levels of training.

    Thankfully, Naveed explains this conundrum. He admits he’s never had training…
    Which means he was not a spy.
    THAT is a civilian dangle.
    If you have doubts, go to your local FBI office and volunteer as a spy. ?

    If you’re Naveed’s fan and your heart dropped while reading this article, cheer up. Naveed is more than a dangle (just not for our country).

    He tweeted that he doesn’t believe in a Trump + Russia collusion which is the exact same public standpoint of RT and Fox News.

    Right after, (I’m honestly embarrassed for him) he tweeted that a collusion never made sense to him.
    (Then what was he doing as a “spy” if there was no benefit to at least one of the sides??)

    There’s hundreds of ways a Trump+Russia collusion could EXPAND their already established connections. Even Kim Kardashian (not a political person) could connect some of the dots (Ivanka, Murdoch, Zhukova…hello?)

    Either he’s pushing the RU narrative and creating seeds of doubt; or his IQ level rivals Trump Jr. I suppose both possibilities can co-exist.
    As they say Naveed, sucks to be RU.

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