The Bullshit News Stories Are Off the Charts. Here’s Another One…

Oh look…another big Google News headliner, this time written by one of Putin’s Fenian losers:

MORE here:

And he’s with the Benton Foundation…what a SHOCKER

The Benton Foundation is the former owner of Encyclopedia Brittanica, which was bought up by mobbed-up Safra bank heiress, Jacqui Safra

More on the Benton Foundation:

Why the fuck does no one vet journalists?

So what’s my objection here?

My objection isn’t necessarily the content of THIS article. My objection is to phony opposition, and journos with shady connections, gaining our trust, only to spin narratives later on that serve the interests of those connections.

This is Organized Crime 101, peeps.

And, for the record, here’s one of Stanage’s apologies for former Kremlin puppet front, the Irish Republican Army.

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