The Horseshoe Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Let It Inform You, Not Distract You

The Horseshoe Rears Its Ugly Head Again: Let It Inform You, Not Distract You

So I woke up late this morning, to find yet more evidence of Russia’s Horseshoe Theory, played out in the news.

And here’s the link to the story, BTW…

You’ll have to forgive our predictable opposition in Moscow, but they have, after all, only a finite number of agents of influence to play this game with.

If you have followed me for awhile, you know that Jay-Z’s name has come up in conversation before (also here).

So this morning’s back and forth between Trump and Jay-Z is a perfect example of Kremlin mindfuckery. Jay-Z and Trump are not on opposite sides. They’re playing a dialectic, to disinform. There is no issue between them. The point is to convince you, the news consumer, that there is. Jay-Z is, in the truest sense, phony opposition. And the general idea here is to continue to drive a wedge between the Left-wing and the Right-wing and ignore both Jay-Z’s and Trump’s associations with Russian organized crime.

If we focus on Trump the “racist”, we’re not focused on Trump’s (or Jay-Z’s) involvement with organized crime.


And Trump’s racism isn’t going to get him kicked out of the White House or sent to jail, is it?

Also, take note of the media venues who are driving the dialectic, on Google News, because I want to show you how reality is gamed, on social media.

Finally, allow me to point out a painfully obvious flaw in the “Trump is a racist” narrative.  While I have no doubt that Trump is racist, I would ask people to really think about “Trump/Bannon/etc are antisemites” and ask yourself if this really makes any sense.

Sater? Cohen? Epshtyn? Mnuchin? Kushner?

Do we REALLY believe Trump and Bannon are antisemites when they surround themselves with people of Russian Jewish heritage?

Do we REALLY believe these people’s associations in Brighton Beach and Palm Beach make them antisemites?

Or, are they in fact associated with the Russian mafia? This is simple history here. And SHAME on the news media for not informing the general public.

JUST…READ…THIS…and understand that Ivankov, who is mentioned, lived in the Trump Towers:

Understand the HORSESHOE. Stop thinking in terms of Left vs. Right and visa versa.  This is about ORGANIZED CRIME, NOT RACISM.

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  1. I tried to resolve this peacefully Chris, but you didn’t even have the decency to call me like I asked. I’m done playing games with you miscreants. We’re reporting all of your twitter friends like we did to you, until you’re all permanently banned. Ask Spicer’s Mic how she’s enjoying her suspension. And tell your little friend Jay we’ll get him too.

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