The Intelligence Community is Offering Up its Biggest Secrets, But We’re Not Listening.

The Intelligence Community is Offering Up its Biggest Secrets, But We’re Not Listening.

Let me warn you right now…

You’re not going to like this article, because it’s going to rudely shatter your understanding of reality, and I apologize for that. But no matter how much you dislike what I have to tell you, I will still be right.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve surely noticed the two latest, high profile intelligence dumps:

  1. The third round of OBL files and,
  2. The JFK assassination files

OK, so I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated because our enemies have so distorted reality over so many decades that we’re no longer able to interpret what’s in front of our faces.

For that reason, I’m going to dump secrets, just like that, and let the investigative journalists out there, as few as there seem to be these days, track down the additional information in the caches to support what I’m telling you, aside from what I already provide here. I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now, in all truth. So someone else can run with the ball here.


  1. Osama Bin Laden was, for all practical purposes, an asset of the Russian intelligence services
  2. Qatar is a Kremlin puppet state
  3. The U.S.S.R. and their puppet, Cuba, were ultimately responsible for the assassinations of JFK and MLK, Jr.
  4. In retaliation for the murder of JFK, the CIA developed a number of plans to assassinate Fidel Castro, none of which they succeeded in carrying out
  5. Cuban intelligence, known for short as DGI, is the primary culprit (along with the Russian intelligence services) behind the continued existence of BOTH neo-Confederacy and the “Dixie mafia” and extreme Left-wing Identity politics. See my previous articles here and here, in order to understand gamed Horseshoe theory.
  6. The Russian intelligence services have been involved in terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism, since day one. At some point, I’ll publish an article about the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as what I’ve already published about the Orlando shootings. Yes, you dropped the ball on Nichols, FBI. No offense. I still love you guys. And, for the record, this EXCELLENT article hints at both Terry Nichols/Abu Sayyef AND Cuba’s DGI:

The lesson, as always, is this:


The latest OBL intelligence dump is literally building on what was in the first two OBL dumps, which revealed the hand of the Russian Intelligence Services, for anyone who has a basic understanding of Middle East Geopolitics. Among other things, the latest dump provides direct evidence of Qatar’s Emir’s involvement with OBL. If you do a little more digging into Qatar, you’ll see they’ve been involved in global organized crime since at least 1993.

Anyway, the other day a friend of mine, who I deeply respect (brilliant individual, absolutely brilliant), brought up Derek Black. It occurred to me that Black presents a *perfect* opportunity to explain a little about Cuban intelligence and their relationship with active measures–specifically as a key actor behind both neo-Confederacy and far left identity politics. For good measure, I will explain Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination for better clarity.

Derek Black is the son of white supremacist Don Black, who is also the founder of white nationalist website He’s also the former co-host of the “Don and Derek Black Show”, which he co-hosted with his father.  He’s become known over recent years as an outspoken voice *AGAINST* white nationalism, having supposedly disavowed himself from white nationalism.

You may recall that Derek won a seat some years back, on the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, among a mostly Cuban constituency. Derek was living at home with his parents at the time.

So now, all grown up and no longer peddling white nationalism, he now peddles far left identity politics, as announced by such Kremliny AF publications as Alexander Lebedev’s The Independent and published in equally Kremliny AF publications such as David Talbot’s Salon (more on Talbot here).

Out of frustration, let me yell right now…


Incidentally, you will note that Black’s mother worked for Pepe Fanjul, the Cuban ex-national and sugar oligarch of Florida Crystals fame, for 35 years.

In case you weren’t aware, Havana is controlled by Miami and has been for quite some time now–Russian and Cuban expatriate oligarchs and organized crime. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the history of White, Black and, um, Japanese Nationalism.

In ‘War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War,’ (New York: Pantheon 1I986), pp.174-175), John W. Dower explains how the Black Dragon Society (also known as the kokuryūkai or Amur River Society) seeded the Nation of Islam, as well as the All Russia Fascist Party. Yes, we’re talking about the Yakuza, which is another rather lengthy conversation about Russia and Trump’s buddy, Shinzō Abe. There are pages and pages and pages of history that need to be re-explained, in order for the world to understand the scale and scope of all of this.

Anyway, some may still recall Elijah Mohammed’s arrest, which was a part of the same series of arrests carried out by US prosecutor Thomas Dodd (Christopher Dodd’s dad) against leadership of the Connecticut-based All Russian Fascist Party.

One of the teenage members of the All Russian Fascist Party (which by the way had a Russian Fascist bible school in HARLEM, from 1936-1939), was none other than the future founder of the Aryan Nations, Robert Miles.

Head spinning yet? Hold on, I’m not done yet.

You may or may not recall that Louis Farrakhan, lover of Jewish conspiracy theories (à la The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) and present leader of The Nation of Islam, actually endorsed Donald Trump–something Alex Jones took the opportunity to exploit, WHEN HE INTERVIEWED HIM.

The model has always been the same, and it didn’t begin just prior to the 2016 elections.  Play the far right and far left against each other…while both sides serve the same cause.

If you look at the recently declassified JFK files, you’ll find a section on MLK’s assassination and information on neo-Nazis/neo-Confederates in the same documents that cover Black Nationalists.

So, about a year or so ago, I noticed that Soledad O’Brien started following me on Twitter.  At first, I didn’t think too much about it, but reminded myself that I needed to vet her some time.  Of course, like everything else, it slipped through the cracks until I got banned from Twitter.

Sure enough, as soon as I got banned, I caught O’Brien suddenly endorsing and promoting Sarah Kendzior and so I started vetting her.

I noticed that her mother is Cuban. No big deal, just a bullet point of interest, really. But then, a few minutes later I discovered that her production company’s first documentary was on James Earl Ray…portraying him as a Southern redneck White Nationalist.


And that was the moment I knew Soledad O’Brien was a DGI asset.

So there’s a point to these declassified files, that so far everyone is missing.

Castro and the USSR literally murdered JFK and MLK.  That’s why these files also discuss the existence of multiple CIA plans to assassinate Castro.

THEY MURDERED OUR PRESIDENT.  And they also murdered the greatest Black American activist who ever lived.

So, going back to 1968…

MLK and Jesse Jackson are standing on the balcony at the motel.  The phone in the hotel room starts ringing.  Jackson walks back into the hotel room.

BOOM.  James Earl Ray assassinates MLK.

The narrative that DGI and their Kremlin counterpart have always peddled is that Ray was some kind of Southern redneck. The man had actually lived in both Canada and Mexico.  And, like every good white nationalist, had an interest in emigrating to, um, RHODESIA. Yes, you heard me…Cuban DGI enclave Rhodesia.

Rhodesia later became Zimbabwe, as well as ground zero for the blood diamond trade, etc.  And, at the time of this writing, Moscow and Havana are presently presiding over the changing of the guard, for their puppet Robert Mugabe.

But there’s another side of this that you must understand…

DGI are the ***MASTERS*** of the corporate shakedown.

The idea is to exploit or create some racial issue at a corporation. Maybe it’s an African American who didn’t get a promotion.  Or maybe it’s something else.  Some cases may even be legitimate.

The point is, you go after a big company with deep pockets, with allegations of wrongdoing and you shake them down. In the end, the company settles out of court and dump piles of cash into your charities.


Didn’t you ever wonder why Jesse is such a big fan of Castro?

So let’s look at the The National Council of La Raza, since it’s the same thing. This is something I used to point out to the Kremlin trolls on Disqus, and it pissed them off to no end.

Created in 1968, at the height of the Cold War and the same year MLK was assassinated, La Raza is purportedly a Marxist-Leninist organization, by their own definition.

Their stated goal is to see 1/3 of the Continental US ceded to Mexico.

But, in 49 years, guess how many rallies La Raza has held in Mexico…?


In fact, most of their donations come from fortune 500 companies they shake down over Latino rights.

Of course, there are additional, relevant historical footnotes, in order to understand all of this, such as the proposed Golden Circle.

But let’s look at this unique piece of History….George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, attending a Nation of Islam meeting…

Starting to make sense yet? Maybe a little?

How about Huey Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party?  Does anyone recall that he defected to, um, Cuba?

So the question is this…

How does one defect to Cuba without DGI’s approval?

And, the game goes on and on and on and on

OK. Enough of this. Hope it helped. I’ll add more to this discussion when I have more time. Got Jesters to filet….

24 thoughts on “The Intelligence Community is Offering Up its Biggest Secrets, But We’re Not Listening.

    1. My pleasure!

      I regret not having taken more time with the article, but will have to build on it at a later date.

      I should have the next Jester article out around 11PM EST…HOPEFULLY.

  1. Throw in some Sandinista’s and you’ve covered much of the propaganda/mythology I heard in Okla. years ago. Thought it was just he ramblings of a lunatic 🙂

    1. Ahhh! Yes! Why it’s almost like Amy Goodman and Democracy Now are DGI assets as well, with all that talk about “Bolivarian revolutionaries” in Latin America, who are really Russian/Cuba naro-puppets.


      Remember Chavez’ gasoline subsidies?

      It takes 65-275 gallons of gasoline to produce 1 kilo of cocaine. This is the real reason Venezuela has descended into Hell. And Daniel Ortega has been a Russian asset for literally decades.

      1. and no one I knew in OKC thought that McVeigh and Nichols had the power to pull off the bombing as “lone wolves” or would that be a pair of wolves? especially supported by McVeigh being pulled over in a car without a license plate afterwards. Communists and the government were the boogey man/men in those times as I remember.

        Still missing your wit on twitter!

      2. Didn’t Chavez speak out AGAINST La Raza? I could be completely off base (going back decades from studying Migrant Farm Worker Movement)…’

  2. Thank you, Chris. Missing you on Twitter.

    What a mind blowing year it has been. Thanks to you, and the rest of Team Patriot, the vast array of kremliny af bs making it into the public arena, as news, and as reflexive opinions, as ideology, as outrage, has come into focus. I hope this is the beginning of a much needed march back to what I like to call the radical middle.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Here I was, reminiscing how I swallowed the first red pill almost a year ago… BOOM indeed! Didn’t everyone know La Raza was communist group?

    1. Probably. But CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have no idea, nor are they motivated to stand firm on a national security case. They’re just looking to avoid a nasty lawsuit with potentially devastating effects to the shareholders.
  4. Crap. SOOO I have multiple accts via a variety of avenues. Ironically, it has nothing to do with politics. Nasty divorce & brutal custody battle

  5. Apologies- whatever reason I had to post comment first to see which acct using. This is what happens when know very little about technology.

    My comment on Chris’s comment – CEOs & oil/gas industry seem to be so focused on profits and being biggest/bestest they don’t care about what form of government (democratic/communist/dictatorship) if they benefit

  6. This is fuckin awesome. You mention some Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing ties to all this stuff? What are those?

    1. Terry Nichols.

      This is sort of disorganized, but I start to discuss it here:

      Nichols was trained how to make his bombs go boom, by Abu Sayyaf. Abu Sayyaf was connected with Gaddafi, the former Kremlin puppet of Libya.

      There were two things he couldn’t have learned on his own. One tied to the West German Red Army Faction (Russia), the other tied to the South African Nuclear Program (Russia).

      1. Thanks Chris! I will read these links. I had a roommate once who had similar theories on RU destabilization of West. It’s been an eye opener to see others outside my friend seeing a similar pattern starting to come together. He had mentioned a Chechen guy who lit a bunch fires in LA a few years back. Found that kind of curious. Kind of in line with your theories here. Look forward to reading more!

      1. I did read that. A lot there I didn’t know. Here’s another question, Iraq, Russia and Saudi Arabia? You have a big theory on those 3 and 9/11? I’ve always thought it was SA and Pakistan and Osama. And Iraq involvement was false lead. You have a grand unified theory on all this?

        1. Russia, Qatar, Iran and Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company/AQAP.

          Yes. That’s a long-winded discussion. Many, many important points to discuss. I think a multi-part article may be required for that.

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